Learn more about the different types of Chinese visa for foreign nationals, how to apply, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Foreigners who accept a job in China should apply for a Foreign Employment Permit. Senior-level employees should also apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate.


This section features information to help visitors planning a trip to China.


Premier hails better ties with Mongolia

Enhanced bilateral ties will not only benefit the two nations, but also serve regional stability and prosperity, Premier Li said

Premier Li, UN chief criticize trade war

They agreed that protectionism will do no good to anyone, and every country should stick to multilateralism

Premier Li meets Japanese guests

Premier Li met with a delegation led by Yohei Kono, president of the Japanese Association for the Promotion of International Trade.


China steps up IPR protection

At the end of 2017, China launched a full-blown operation to make sure foreign businesses have their intellectual property rights protected in China. The government has coordinated more than 10 departments and applied the new measures across the country.


Statistics in financial sector promoted

The State Council released a circular of guiding opinion on promoting statistics work in the financial sector.

Promote medical tourism in Hainan

The State Council issued a circular on April 8 to support Hainan’s international medical tourism industries.


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